KB EDU VENTURES is a new-age education solution company that aims to revolutionize education, using proven pedagogies, worldwide best practices, child-centric methodology, and philosophies, while leveraging state-of-the-art technologies.

We develop modules, frameworks, platforms, and curriculums to equip practitioners with the best ammunition to not just deliver the best-in-class education to the children but also take control of their own careers in the process.

We follow a scientific approach to help build skills and abilities that are a must in the 21st century.

Evolve Star Lessons is a Finnish online program for teachers. Learn the theory in small concrete parts, and it can easily be applied in teaching practices. You can immediately take the ideas into your own classrooms and create pedagogically meaningful learning opportunities for your students and promote the students’ capacity to learn.

  • You may avail 6 months internship seeking our assistance in your own city of residence .
  • Internship can also be organized for six months at our partner schools.
  • Global networking with educators and education leaders
  • Assistance for Global Placements
  • On ground learning experience at Finland*


The program is designed in such a way where you will:

  • Watch videos
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Take notes
  • Read texts and
  • Reflect on your own learning
  • All text materials are downloadable.
  • The content is demonstrated with clear symbols and illustrations.
  • Good questions and assignments guide the user to try new methods and pedagogical elements and implement them.

What do we Offer

Upon completion of each module the papers have to be submitted to the local mentor based in India. If any changes or corrections to be done , the same will be sent back to the candidate. Once assessed by the local body, it will be sent to Finland for the final assessment.

After the final assessment of the course , the certificate from the University of Helsinki will be sent to you in due course. App can also be downloaded.

The conception of learning, where students own activity and interaction with the teacher, other students and the learning environment is important, is steering the schoolwork, teaching, the organization controls. Student deals with and interprets the received information based on his / her earlier knowledge (constructive pedagogy approach)

Political consensus to educate all children together in a common school system. An expectation that all children can achieve at high levels, regardless of family background or regional circumstance

A single-minded pursuit of teaching excellence. Collective school responsibility for learners who are struggling Modest financial resources that are tightly focused on the classroom A climate of trust between educators and the community

USP of FINNISH Pedagogy
What makes Finnish model Unique and Successful?


  • Improve your career prospects by achieving additional qualifications
  • Respond to changing conditions at work
  • Achieve advancement at work
  • Change career
  • Meet the requirements of professional bodies
  • Understand the latest developments in your field
  • Develop your knowledge of the environment in which you work
  • Be better at doing your job Achieve personal development

For the candidates interested in
continuing journey with us

The Master‘s Program with a paid internship in Scotland for a year. (or) Mater classes in Finland

Our Other Projects

Customized curriculum that brings together the best of educational practices from around the world, personalized to the needs of your student.
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