We are a bunch of passionate individuals who have come together to develop and nurture new ideas, technologies, platforms, and pedagogy that will reshape how knowledge is imparted and imbibed, and in that process create an education ecosystem of the future.

Who Are We?

We aim to use our collective experience to enrich, encourage, inspire, and motivate learners, educators, and parents in their pursuit of holistic teaching and learning. The people behind KB Edu Ventures are also the promoters of The International School of Thrissur (TIST), a premier international school with a global approach to education and state-of-the-art facilities.

What Do We Do?

KB Edu Ventures is a new-age education solution company that aims to revolutionize education, using proven pedagogies, worldwide best practices, child-centric methodology, and philosophies, while leveraging state-of-the-art technologies. We develop modules, frameworks, platforms, and curriculums to equip practitioners with the best ammunition to not just deliver the best-in-class education to the children but also take control of their own careers in the process.

We follow a scientific approach to help build skills and abilities that are a must in the 21st century.

Vision and Mission

विद्यारत्नं महाधनम् ॥
(Education is the greatest of all wealth)
We aim to Equip All With Quality Education with a mission to empower the learner-educator community, support our partner schools to maintain global standards through self-improvement and evaluation plans.

We want to build education solutions to help schools and institutions achieve cost-efficiency, adopt adaptive learning, and gain access to world-class, high-quality education supported by artificial intelligence.